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Game success largely depends on the level of player’s information awareness. Professionally selected and easy to adapt HUDs and informative pop-ups will give you an undeniable advantage at the table.

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GT-HUD for 6+ Hold’em

Rules and Hand Rankings in 6 plus Hold’em
Pre-Flop Strategy in 6 plus Hold’em
Post-Flop Strategy in 6 plus Hold’em


  • HUD is designed taking into account the features of the game in 6+ Hold’em;
  • Available in all poker rooms where there is support for Hand2Note;
  • Contains 3 versions of HUDs:
    – Easy (implemented)
    – Positional (Development temporarily suspended)
    – Dynamic (Development temporarily suspended)
  • Unique Preflop and Postflop popups with detailed stats;
  • Reaction to different sizes of Cbet/Fold to Cbet;
  • Total Bets, Folds and Wins on the river;
  • Additional automatic information for every stat:
    – postflop/preflop diagrams;
    – next player’s actions;
    – vs-Hero;
    – bet sizes/showdowns;
    – Action Profit.
  • Possibility to analyze your game and opponents on all game lines.
  • Ability to edit HUD/Popup.

Appearance HUD at the tables

Appearance of popups

Installation of GT-HUD

1. Sign in to your account: https://gthud.com/eng/personal/private/

2. Download the installation file: https://gthud.com/eng/personal/my-huds/

3. Install into the program folder: C:\Program Files\Hand2Note

4. Go to the section: Customization in Game Types

Easy HUD 6+ Hold’em
Configuration in Hand2Note

Hand2Note / Configuration (F12) / Other Options

Hand2Note / Configuration (F12) / HUD

Hand2Note / Configuration (F12) / Popup on stats

Hand2Note / Configuration (F12) / Stats Appearance

Hand2Note / Configuration (F12) / Game Types

Main window

HUD Content

MWP – Multi Way Pot и LCP – Limp Call Pot are displayed by pressing the hot keys.

Hot Key L

Hot Key M

Contents and structure of popups

As an example, consider two popups: preflop and postflop.

Postflop popup asPFR-OOP – Preflop Raiser Out of Position

Examples of hands that are displayed when you hover the mouse on the stat OR Check River

Examples of hands that are displayed when you hover the mouse on the stat OR Call River


Popups assigned to stats
Positional HUD 6+ Hold’em

Development temporarily suspended

Dynamic HUD 6+ Hold’em

Development temporarily suspended