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WinSize Pack for Cash

WINSIZE PACK – allows you to track the frequency of winnings with different betting on the Flop, Turn and River A graphical display of stats immediately shows what sizing your opponent most often wins and bluffs.


  • Ability to integrate into any HUD created in the program Hand2Note;
  • Graphic visualization in percent;
  • 2 versions: Full (implemented), Compact (in development);
  • 2 colors: Dark (implemented), Light (in development);
  • Detailed Betsize every 10%.

Appearance Full version (black)

Tab TOT – Total – Total stats with all situations

Win Bet



Tab CLR – asCaller – Single Raised Pot asCaller

Win Bet


Win Raise

Tab MWP – Multi Way Pot – Multipot with 3 players or more

Win Bet


Current tab list:
TOT – Total stats
asPFR – asPreflop Raiser
asCLR – asPreflop Caller
asCLR RA – asPreflop Caller with Raises
3BP – Total 3bet Pot
4BP – Total 4bet Pot
MWP – MultiWay Pot


Example Betsize:

Helpful Information for Hand2Note / GT-HUD

Package price $30 per year (all limits)

To pay go to our site https://gthud.com/eng/catalog/ , select tab Lifetime → WINSIZE PACK → for Cash

If you encountered problems when paying, try to use another browser and re-order.

Installation of GT-HUD

1. Sign in to your account: https://gthud.com/eng/personal/private/

2. Download the installation file: https://gthud.com/eng/personal/my-huds/

3. Install into the program folder: C:\Program Files\Hand2Note

4. Go to the section: Customization in Game Types

Integration into Popup

1. Open Hand2Note / Popup Editor (F6);
2. Select the Popup profile you are using in the game;
3. Select the cell with any stats;
4. Add a binding as shown in the picture:

5. Click Save.
6. Clear and Build stats;
7. Go to section Integration into the HUD

Integration into the HUD

1. Open Hand2Note / HUD Editor (F5);
2. Select the HUD profile you are using in the game;
3. Select the cell with the stat “Hands”
4. Add a binding as shown in the picture:

5. Click Save.
6. Make sure everything works correctly, to do this, open the replayer and click/hover the mouse over the stats “Hands”

Telegram Help

Email: support@gthud.com
Skype: GT-Pack
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